Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Date Night

I love my children desperately and I enjoy spending time with them, but once in a while my husband and I have found that we benefit from a brief interlude of childlessness.  One of these times occurred this past weekend when the kids went on a retreat with the church youth group.  With the kids safely occupied, we were able to enjoy our time as a couple.

Friday night was particularly fun.   We went out to dinner at Bliss, a new restaurant in town.  For all of my local friends, it is on Union Ave. just south of State St.  It just opened last week and is now our new special occasion restaurant.  The menu is northern Italian, which is our absolute favorite type of food.  For an appetizer, we shared the crisp polenta rounds with sausage and buffalo mozzarella in fresh marinara.  It was delicious!  The sauce was so good.  It was thick and balanced and not too acidic.  My husband said that it reminded him of the sauce that his Italian grandmother used to make.  The same sauce was on the cavitelli and meatballs that my husband ordered and I, naturally, sampled.  The pasta was homemade and perfectly al dente.  I had the chicken osso bucco, dark meat chicken served over creamy polenta with a tomato confit, which was rustic and included carrots, onions and celery that absorbed the wonderful flavors of the sauce.  Dinner was accompanied by warm, crusty bread that we could dip in olive oil that was swirled with a sweet balsamic vinegar.  Overall, it was a fabulous meal.  The only bad part was that we were too full to have dessert!  Oh well, there's always next time.

After we ate, we came home, had a glass of Sutter Home Muscato, and . . . played the new Lego Harry Potter game on the Wii.  We lead such exciting and glamorous lives, don't we?  :o)  Then again, it really didn't matter how we spent our time together; the joy of giving each other our undivided attention rejuvenated us and when the kids came back we were able to share that happiness with them.  That's what I call a great date!

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  1. Good for you guys! I love date night. We have made it a priority to have at least one a month.


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